A Cotswolds Wedding

In a wonderful twist of fate, covering the Spit and Roast Jamboree back in February led me to a new photography job. I’ve begun to assist Nick White (one half of Orange Buffalo) as a secondary photographer at some of the weddings he is shooting. Wedding photography is a very hard nut to crack. You’re completely responsible for capturing the memories of one of the biggest days of someone’s life. The pressure is incredible, and I have a new found respect for anyone who can do wedding photography well. I would love to photograph weddings as the principal photographer one day, but for now I am happy to assist and learn.

My very first wedding was on May 11th in a gorgeous country setting in the Cotswolds, in a small village called Moreton-in-Marsh. Becky and Ray’s wedding was a pleasure to photograph, with the weather putting on its very best show for almost the whole day, and some great unique touches such as a sweets bar at the reception and a baby blue VW camper van as the day’s transport. It’s hard to blog about someone’s wedding, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Congratulations Becky and Ray!



  1. Some gorgeous details and moments that the couple will treasure. You did a fantastic job, Kate, my favourite is the shot of running through the rain. Hehe!

    • Thanks Charlotte, I sure hope they like it! The running through the rain was most DEFINITELY unplanned but everyone handled it so well. You think some brides might let it get their mood down but she laughed right on through with everyone else :)

    • Thanks, Brian, I definitely want to expand the scope of the blog a bit more :)

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