Looking Back: Italy

After a 9-day journey, starting out in Oslo and then ending with a whirlwind tour through Florence and Venice, I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty beat. Early mornings, late nights, many airports, long train rides, and a slowly creeping cold have all taken their toll; but nothing could bring me down too much after the amazing things I’ve seen and experienced this trip. I’m still trying to slog through the jetlag and thousands of photos I’ve taken, propping up my tired eyelids with endless cups of coffee from Norway, trying to process it and let it all sink in. It will be a few days yet before I am all caught up with everything and can properly devote time to writing about my experiences and share bunches of photos with you. I do want to share just a few, though, as a sort of a preview, and as a way for myself to take a small break from the “work” side of things for my own sanity.

The one thing I can take away from my first encounter with Italy boils down to about 3 things: the food is as amazing as everyone says it is, and somehow the gelato is even better (I managed to find 5 extra lbs in Italy that I seemed to be missing before… huh); the streets, though they can be frustratingly crowded with clueless tourists, are beautiful and worth exploring; and there are a lot of very cute dogs in Florence.


  1. Ah, I’m so jealous of you being in Venice and Florence. I love both, though I find Venice a little on the expensive side for me! I think Florence is my favourite place I’ve ever travelled to. The Vin Santo alone is worth the trip!

    • The vinsanto was great but oh my god, the grappa almost made me bring up my dinner. They told me to add it to my espresso and it was SO HORRIBLE. That’s one tradition I can’t hack. And yes, Venice is vrey expensive, but when I get around to blogging more about it, I found some great, cheap places to eat ;)

  2. I’m just back from Italy as well- I wish I’d thought to quiz you before we went! We actually ended up paying E20 for two coffees and two (disappointing) croissants in Florence, though it was almost worth it just to sit down and enjoy the view for half an hour!
    I love your photos, as usual – really lovely images.

    • Glad you loved the photos Fran! :D That’s bad luck with the coffee and croissants. Which cafe was it? I am just glad that I had someone with me who had visited Florence before. He was able to tell me the deal with Italian “table service”. But you’re right – sometimes after you’ve been walking around all day, all you really want is a nice chair to rest on… and they know it! ;)

      • I can’t remember the name of the cafe now – it was nothing special, just happened to be near the Ponte Vecchio; so we did expect to be paying through the nose! We had planned to pay over the odds at the rooftop bar at the Continetale, as I’d heard good things about the view there, but it wasn’t open for coffee (we managed to sneak up in the lift with a guest, so got a look at the view anyway ;) ).
        I’ve just put some pics on my blog as well – you might recognise some of the places!

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