Ginstock 2013

World Gin Day and Ginstock 2014 are just around the corner. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, and you may be wondering, “Should I buy one?” Hopefully, these pictures can give you a preview and whet your appetite for wetting your whistle with that most distinguished of spirits.

There were lots of dapper chaps and ladies, and there were moustaches everywhere.

No, seriously. Everywhere. Even in places they shouldn’t be.

As any event dedicated to drinking can be expected to go, it started out as a party atmosphere and went downhill (or uphill, depending on how much you love to party) from there. Even the rain couldn’t dampen peoples’ spirits.

I began the day trying to be very serious about all this gin tasting but, as you can see, I gave up pretty quickly. Something about soaking both my mind and my voting card in gin discouraged me from taking further notes.

The Gilbert Scott bar, partnered with Boodles gin, took home the prize at the end of the day. But the real winners were the attendees, who got to try 10 very delicious and innovative gin cocktails. Ginstock ended up being one of my favourite Tweat Ups of the whole summer last year.

Of all the gin joints in all the world, Ginstock is definitely the one you should be at on June 14th. See y’all there?


  1. Ginstock sounds amazing! Sadly i’ll be on a plane to Thailand on June 14th though (not that sadly actually…!). Great photos as usual :)

    • Never be sad about a plane to Thailand!! Where in Thailand are you going?

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