World Barista Championships: Day 1 (Preliminaries Round 1)

Presented pretty much without comment (because day 2 is in full swing and I don’t have time to do much else but copy and paste photo urls!) here are some pics and backstage, post-performance portraits of all the baristas who took part in day one of the World Barista Championships 2014. Enjoy!

Søren Stiller Markusson (Denmark)

Kapo Chiu (Hong Kong)  

Dmitry Koryukin (Russia)

Sonja Zweidick (Austria)

Yoshua Tanu (Indonesia)

Charlene de Buysere (Belgium)

Krizstian Nagy (Hungary)

Tse-Lin Wu (Taiwan)

Dailess Nalwamba (Zambia)

Tobias Palm (Sweden)

Giacomo Vanelli (Italy)

Marian Plajdicko (Slovakia)

Erna Tosberg(Germany)

Kevin Israel Forfu (Phillipines)

Godfrey Batte (Uganda)

Pete Williams (Ireland)

Nicolas Rico (Colombia)

Nina Rimpi (Switzerland)

Vinicio Bastidas (Ecuador)

Luca Casadei (France)

GeunHa Park (South Korea)

Agustina Román

Cristos Loukakis (Greece)

William Hernandez (El Salvador)

Ben Put (Canada)

Harrysson Neira (Peru)

Craig Simon (Australia)

Leo Moco (Brazil)

Roll on day 2!

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