Overcoming Inertia

Hello there! Long time, no see.

I’m sure that you thought I’d abandoned my poor blog; in fact, I wasn’t totally sure myself whether I had or not. My intentions this summer were good. Going on a grand trip, taking my laptop, planning to write at least once a week… the ingredients were all there. But if there’s one thing my trip taught me (and it wasn’t just one thing, I learned quite a bit) it’s that I am absolutely horrible at updating my blog on the road.

“It’s ok – you’ll do it when you get back home and settled in,” I thought.

Had I not returned home early, cutting my trip short, in the throes of a horrible unknown travel sickness, perhaps I would have felt more like doing something. But the sugar sand beaches of the gulf coast called my name, and I spent my week at home in their warm embrace, soaking up as much sun as I could before returning to the UK. After a short trip to North Carolina for a friend’s wedding, I returned to London full of energy and ready to take on the world: to explore the city I missed so much, to write about it and photograph it, to kick my writer’s block in the butt once and for all.

But my third year of university has had other plans. In a way, I knew third year would be difficult. Obviously, since it is the final year, the stakes would be higher and the course load would be heavier. I had no idea of knowing it would be so exponentially harder.

What’s that? Bloggers are supposed to be all sunshine and happiness and never show that they’re having trouble? Sorry. This is not a polished lifestyle blog, and it never will be. So I have no trouble admitting:

My name is Kate and my third year of university is currently kicking my ass.

What does this mean for A Southern Belle in London?

There will probably not be as many posts as I had hoped. Sure, some bloggers combine university or full-time jobs with regularly updated blogs; I applaud them and admire them so much. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can be that person. Not this year. Unless you’ve known me for quite a long time and know my peppered history with higher education, you may not realize exactly how much this final year of university means to me. If anything at all begins to take my focus off of it, then unfortunately it has to fall by the wayside.

So this is a bit of a “hello again!” post and a disclaimer: though I was hoping to really be all I could be or some such as a blogger this year, it’s just probably not going to happen. I hope you’ll stick around for a little while longer, though. The things I have made room for in my calendar are looking pretty exciting. I’ll be posting every once in a while about that grand trip I took through Central America (complete with some pretty cool medium format film photos), plus some others. There will the London coffee updates, of course, as we continue to see an avalanche of new cafes open each month. And once I finally do finish this course? Good luck holding me down. I’m going to have such cabin fever at that point. Who knows where I’ll end up? (I’m hoping for a road trip around Iceland to kick things off but we’ll see.)

Excuses? Yes, I have plenty. I also have a lot of photos to make up for it. Hopefully you’ll like them. They’re my first photos for The 405 since I got back to London. My first gig back was the amazing St. Vincent at the Roundhouse in Camden. My boyfriend Rob is a huge fan of St. Vincent, and probably through sheer constant exposure to her music, I’ve kind of come to like a few songs as well (particularly this one). Seeing her live was certainly an experience, especially when she grabbed a fellow photographer’s camera and mimed taking a few photos before casually tossing it back to him in the pit. I’m pretty certain if that had been me, I’d have had a heart attack, but he took it all in stride.

Another shoot I did for The 405 was with Marika Hackman for one of the Halloween features. While roaming around Brick Lane, she talked about her top horror film pick for Halloween, a movie called Legend. Apparently, it has Dark Crystal/Labyrinth-levels of 80s weirdness, plus young Tom Cruise, which I can imagine is a downright freaky combination.

I’ve also been doing a few posts on the Barista Magazine blog to cover the ongoing London Latte Art Smackdown, so be sure to check those out for your dose of coffee photography here and here.



  1. Good luck with that final year! And remember to look after yourself and allow a few “distractions” – my art therapy group definitely helped keep me same through a tough final year.

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